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Stop searching for happiness

Everybody is talking about happiness. A place, or destination, that is almost similar to heaven. A place that feels like a warm bath, a life filled with moments of joy, tropical fruits and maybe somewhat like chocolate. Since less humans believe in a traditional Heaven, as God promised us,  we are eagerly searching for something else. We need something to fight for. Something to hope for. A better place.

Nowadays we do not name it Heaven, but we name it happiness. And we will not stop till we find the ideal path towards ultimate happiness. Right? We wanted to know what the true meaning of Happiness is. We looked for answers that modern day science cannot provide us. There are many books written about Happiness. And most books have a different perception of the word. Is happiness about money? About family? Or is it merely the way we look at life?

The ancient Egyptians and Greeks searched for nature. They were almost obsessed about it. Same counts for Christians and other religions. Searching for happiness has always been in our nature, according to Dutch psychologist Dijksterhuis. All religions describe a certain way of happiness. All perceptions defined together, you can see they have one particular thing in common: they all describe the process of happiness. Not the result of happiness.

The process of happiness is one to work on. It is not something you can have or loose. It is also not something you can buy or something you can arrive at. Happiness, according to several religions throughout the ages, cannot be caught in a moment. Happiness takes time. Therefore, a kid who says that he will be happy when he becomes rich, is completely unrealistic. You cannot buy happiness, because it is a process. It is a road and not a destination to arrive at.

Happiness is an inner smile. Happiness … simple pleasures. The one who is truly happy, knows that his path has meaning.

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