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Thermen Bussloo is one of the most beautiful and exclusive sauna, beauty and wellness resorts in the Netherlands, situated on beautiful Bussloo lake (near Apeldoorn in the Veluwe area). A visit to Thermen Bussloo guarantees an unforgettable experience. To ensure total relaxation and a complete wellness experience, spend the night in the luxurious adjoining Hotel Thermen Bussloo.

Asia Sauna

A large Buddha watches over your inner peace in the Asia sauna. The light wooden walls contain the Chinese characters for calm, love, wisdom, prosperity, courage, happiness and longevity. Just listening to the harmonious sounds and gazing up at the subtly changing colours of the starry sky on the ceiling will let you drift off into daydreams.

The Kelo Aufguss Sauna

The Kelo Aufguss sauna, the largest Aufguss sauna in the Netherlands, is an impressive outdoor sauna. Various Aufguss rituals take place here daily, conducted by one or two sauna masters. Despite the many seats, the atmosphere inside is intimate and sauna guests find the Aufguss rituals in this sauna particularly pleasant. The temperature in the Aufguss sauna is 80 – 90°C.

The Panorama Sauna

The Panorama sauna is located on the edge of Bussloo lake and offers a beautiful open view over the water and the copses of trees surrounding the lake. Gazing over the natural beauty here you can relax completely, either in the sauna itself or if you decide to take a breather on the benches just outside the sauna.

Infrared Sauna

You will find an infrared sauna both inside on the sauna square and outside on the edge of the garden. The outdoor infrared sauna has arched sunbeds for optimal reclining comfort, directly under the infrared lamps, so that the directed rays from the lamps are focused on you personally and the heat can really sink in. The infrared sauna is a dry sauna.

The Saltarium

Their new sauna, the Saltarium, has opened on our sauna square (formerly the colour therapy sauna). This sauna is equipped with what is called a graduation tower, or thorn house. It is a wooden structure of blackthorn branches over which salt water flows. The heat causes the water to evaporate, leaving a saline vapour that is suitable for inhalation. This sauna is beneficial for guests with asthma or dermatological problems.

The Finnish Sauna

This Finnish sauna with a large reclining platform, on the sauna square, has a humid atmosphere and a temperature of 75 – 80ºC. This sauna is an ideal way to start a series of saunas. If you would like a gentle start, take a spot on one of the lower benches. Because heat rises, the benches higher up are warmer.

Rose Sauna

On the sauna square you can find the Rose sauna, a small, romantic sauna. Rosettes of roses feature in the cedar walls and alcoves decorated with roses hold burning candles. A copper kettle filled with rose petals stands on the heat source, emitting a calming, mild, sweet scent.

Caldarium Sauna

The Caldarium (Latin for hot water room) is a steam room with benches that maintains an inside temperature of 50 ºC. The atmosphere in this sauna is comfortably warm and humid and the soft colours around you change in a pleasantly relaxed rhythm. The air is scented with invigorating Eucalyptus.

Kelo Earth Sauna

Against an earthen embankment outside in the beautiful garden of Thermen Bussloo, you will find this intimate Kelo earth sauna with a naturally planted green roof. The high temperature (up to 100 ºC) makes this sauna a particularly pleasant experience for experienced sauna guests. A wood fire burns and the dimmed light creates an intimate atmosphere in the sauna.

Sauna Experience

In 2012 Thermen Bussloo opened a new sauna experience, an outdoor sauna located at the edge of the garden. We found the inspiration for this unique sauna experience in the therapeutic effect of the water and clay soil around the famous geysers in Iceland.

The Valo Bath Sauna

The Valo bath sauna takes its name from the Finnish word ‘valo’, meaning light. In this sauna you enjoy a shimmering starry sky, in which more than four hundred points of light gradually change colour. Every colour has a beneficial effect on body and spirit.

Four Element Sauna

The Four elements sauna is an outdoor sauna, located on the edge of the garden. Here you become acquainted with earth, water, fire and air in a special way, incorporated in the themes of rainforest, North Sea, volcano and desert. At a temperature of 80 ºC, lose yourself in the natural interplay of water, warm air, colours and sounds, each time in a different atmosphere. The times at which you can experience these themes are announced at the entrance to this sauna.

Infrared Sauna

You will find an infrared sauna both inside on the sauna square and outside on the edge of the garden. The infrared sauna on the sauna square has benches directly in front of the infrared lamps, so that the directed rays from the lamps do the work and the heat can really sink in. The infrared sauna is a dry sauna.

Himalaya Salt Crystal Grotto

Hidden in an earthen embankment in the garden you will find the Himalaya salt crystal grotto. You enter this sauna with its mystical, Eastern atmosphere through a two hundred year-old door from India. In this sauna you are surrounded with purifying air, nourished by minerals released by the heating of special salt crystals imported from Nepal.

Credits header image: by Thermen Bussloo

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    Mark Mar 12, 2018

    A perfect day

    This wellness is far away from Amsterdam (approx 1.5 hrs by car) and definetely worth a visit. They have so many sauna’s, treatments and facilities: it’s perfect. The location is huge, attracts many and therefore feels a bit crowded now and then. Having that said, this could be one of the best resorts in the Netherlands that I have seen thus far. Their team is super friendly and the restaurant offers a varied lunch. I would recommend a visit!

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