Give back

“We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.”


Living like a French emperor doesn’t only bring advantages, it also presents us difficulties. Through globalism and technology, societies are changing worldwide. The abundance of food and comfort tends to weaken our will and body. Our individual needs are changing. We no longer want short pleasures. We need fullfillment on the long run.

Wellness brings wide ranging impacts to destinations and their people. At Wellness Deluxe we believe that wellness travel will increasingly link to the wellness of the place. Therefore, we must always prioritizing the wellbeing of local residents and their environment. If we can, we need contribute to it and give back. 

It is our pleasure to experience high-end resort hotels who increasingly, put their employee wellness at the center of their brand and their guest experience. Or they allow guests to give back at the places they are visiting. The wellness of the place is the DNA of its authentic wellness offering. At all times, it must be embraced. 

We need to give back if we can. We can not be truly well if our environment around us is not doing well.

It is said that being well and doing good are closely connected. We can not be truly well if our environment around us is not doing well. Studies related to happiness, compassion, and altruism suggests that we are more likely to attain a deeper and lasting sense of peace and wellbeing by focussing on others, through helping, giving, and forming deeper connections. 

Luxurious wellness is always sustainable. 

The future of wellness will be one that enables two-way exchanges between countries, cultures, knowledge, values and traditions. The best wellness will not remain a consumptive and merely commercial transaction. Luxurious wellness is always sustainable. 

Wellness Deluxe wants to stay in contact with local Ministries of Tourism, to promote sustainable wellness tourism programs worldwide and to increase awareness and availability of sustainable wellness worldwide . The world is our playfield.

We must evolve the world of wellness. Because if not us, who? And if not now, when? 

Yours sincerely, 

Wellness Deluxe

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